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National affiliate Hotline

National affiliate Hotline

Commerical Treadmill(LED/TFT)
Introduction of European technology, products and the international community, in the luxurious highlight domineering. We take the human as the theme, high-end digital signal design, roller, antistatic, anti electromagnetic design, and a series of safety design are pushed to the extreme
Spinning Bike
Streamlined design makes the appearance more beautiful and elegant.Unique design concept and color matching shows streamlined appearance and fashionable.Electrostatic spraying process combines with dust-free painting process,bringing wear ability and scratch resistance ability.
Recumbent Bike
Adjustable ergonomic luxury saddle helps users feel more comfortable and enjoy the exercise better.Material of track adpots high-strength aluminum alloy with extrusion molding Etc;Users can view real-time movement status and have better experience.
Maishang fitness equipment
The design of exterior design draws on the international latest fashion design, in the aspect of weight, according to the intensity of the exercise clear identification, make the movement more security and human nature.
product presentation
Can meet the needs of various fitness enthusiasts
National affiliate Hotline
+86-534 2222645
Six advantages of the company
a promising futureHigh-end products, high quality service.
National affiliate hotline:+86-534 2222645
Technical features and advantages
The company has the accumulation of years of production experience and the research of the human body engineering mechanics, set production, sales, after sales in one of the large-scale fitness equipment manufacturers.
Product quality advantage
The product appearance highlights professional fitness equipment in club use, the core function of the display aspect, for the fitness club level promotion and the visit feedback effect provides the biggest help.
Value choice advantage
The professional fitness club is widely used in the high-end fitness equipment, the appearance is simple atmosphere, the craft is good, the quality is cheap.
Appearance advantage
Adopt the most popular style design, the display effect is remarkable, greatly enhance the club display display class and grade.
Strength advantage
The factory covers an area of 150 mu, has a modern production plant of 60,000 square meters, and introduces various high-end production equipment of the world, and raises the production quality standard.
Management experience advantage
For many years, it has been dedicated to providing the best product solutions for health club and high-end club, and has the experience of management and service of the commercial equipment of fitness club.

National affiliate Hotline
+86-534 2222645

  • Location plan

    We specialize in evaluating franchisees' shop plans and strictly implementing regional protection programmes.

  • Decoration scheme

    Unified image design and guidance by HQ

  • Props program

    Maishang offers a complete set of standard props to support the national storefront

  • Exchange proposal

    100% replacements for the first batch of goods during the season

  • Business plan

    Plan the opening plan and give the opening package

  • Training program

    Professional training, easy to operate

Franchise condition
Recognize the brand management strategy of HQ
A person or company with an investment or management practice (with retail terminal channels)
Willing to accept the inspection and professional training at headquarters, and actively cooperate with headquarters marketing and management
Provide detailed application information
Nastic franchise stores operating area of 10 square meters or more can be
Counter area flexible, but the establishment must choose high-grade shopping malls or shopping malls
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National affiliate Hotline
+86-534 2222645

Club plan
Club plan

1. Choose the right venue for a fitness club 1. The location of fitness club should have obvious regional features, namely, the area of 3-6km around the clubhous...

Enterprises and institutions plan
Enterprises and institutions plan

Should let employees like fitness, need to choose a good safe and easy to operate fun and interesting easy to insist on equipment, enterprise gym area will not b...

High-end club scheme
High-end club scheme

The preparation of the fitness club Choose a suitable location for the club (consider the close of the xihe overpass, for better parking) The management of the c...

The hotel project
The hotel project

First of all, the hotel gym should be equipped with proper fitness equipment according to the size of the area. In general, aerobic and strength fitness equipmen...

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The first 50 franchisees are free of charge
Have the opportunity to obtain 20000 yuan worth of the first batch of products.
Still hesitant what, the opportunity is not much, limited places.

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Brand dynamics
Brand Dynamics

National affiliate hotline:+86-534 2222645

  • Investment amount 5-10 10-30 30-50
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